Used Car Finance

Used Car FinanceAn easier solution to financing your next new car, UK Car Finance is an excellent alternative to using main dealer car finance. We offer prime finance facilities for private individuals and business users.

UK Car Finance can provide finance on all used cars as long as it fits the following criteria:

  • Car is coming from a franchised dealer/quality independent dealer.
  • Car is less than 10 years old/has less than 100,000 miles

We have a range of highly competitive rates and products to customers on PCP’sLease PurchaseHire Purchase and Balanced Payments.

In simple terms, you source the car and we will provide you the cheapest finance option available. Get an instant quote now from our online calculator or speak to one of our finance advisers about the cheapest and best product for you and your new car.

Why are we cheaper? We are an independent vehicle finance broker that has key relationships with several lenders. We build the deal around you, not on which deal will make us the most money.

We also offer the same competitive finance products and rates on new cars, click here to find out more.